Audiobook MP3-CDs.

Audio MP3 is a standard encoding/compression technique that allows large digital audio files to be reduced by more than a factor of ten. MP3 encoding is an open standard that is supported broadly by many digital audio play-back computers and devices.

MP3 techniques are the basis of many download services but can also be used to store the audio on CDs. These CDs are known as MP3-CDs.
Their advantage is the ease of handling and use. There are no multiple CDs to handle, lose or scramble.
They can be played on any MP3 enabled CD player which includes most devices made during the last five years. This includes portable CD players and many car CD players.

MP3-CDs are easy to store, usually consisting of one or two CDs even for very long books. Once inserted the player requires no quequeing or handling while listening. MP3-CDs are also easier to loan to friends or family since there are no digital rights issues that accompany many downloaded MP3s. MP3-CD audiobooks generally sell for about $20, much cheaper than a full CD set. Most MP3-CDs can also be copied to other MP3 devices such as iPods.

You should verify that your planned play-back equipment supports MP3 format before you buy. To make your own MP3-CDs click here.