Best Avid Listener Programs.

How one defines “Avid Listener” determines what providers and programs you should consider. The TekRead definition is; listening to more than two audiobooks per month. No download providers allow for more than two audiobooks per month under their monthly or annual plans except who offers three/month for $31.95.

There are unlimited monthly rental plans which are even cheaper. These however are in CD format, but can easily be converted to MP3 format for easy handling that also supports MP3 devices such as iPods. One can also create MP3-CDs as described above. Currently has the best unlimited program with pre-paid mailers for $17.98/month or $15/month on the annual plan. Converting these CDs to MP3s for your own use only takes a few minutes per disk, see above, and allows for a quick turnaround of CDs. These MP3 copies should be used only by the listener, distribution of any kind would be a copyright violation.