How to Consolidate Multiple Files into One Audiobook File.

To create audiobooks that are well behaved on iPods they should be consolidated into one audiobook file. This can be done best using “Chapter and Verse” from Lowden Software. A freeware copy of the program may be downloaded from the following link.

Chapter and Verse Download Link.

This is a Windows only program that works best with iTunes. It will consolidate your files and allow you to add Chapters with images that will be properly displayed by all iPod devices. You will find this to be especially useful when downloading audiobooks from Borders, Barnes&Noble and eMusic when your target device is iPod. All encoding is AAC which is well supported by iTunes. This tutorial will use eMusic as an example.

Step 1:

Start the Chapter and Verse program, it will default to the files view, see below. Click the Add Files button and navigate to you eMusic folder and select all the all files view.
You will see the component .mp3 files of your eMusic book. Select all of the files and click OK.

Step 2:

Chapter and Verse will ask if you want to convert to AAC format, answer Yes.
The conversion process will start and take some time, be patient.

Chapter and Verse File View

Step 3:

Click on the Chapters tab. You will see the default chapters labeled as Disc 1 … Disc 9.
This default is a good choice and you do not need to change it.

Step 4:

Add the book image to each chapter by clicking the chapter and then “Add Image”
Again navigate to the eMusic folder and select the .jpg file and click OK.
Repeat this process for each chapter. The result should look like the Chapter View below.

Chapter and Verse File View

Step 5:

Now select the Metadata tab. The view should initially look like the Metadata view below.
Every thing looks good in this view except the Title which will be changed to “Spook Country”
the name of the audiobook. Now click on “Build Book”. You will be asked to save the file, choose a location
and click OK. Creation of the audiobook file takes just a few minutes, after it is done you will be asked
if you want to save it in iTunes respond with yes.

Your audiobook is now in the iTunes Library under “Books” as a single file.
You can now drag your audiobook to your connected iPod as usual.

Chapter and Verse File View

The result on the iPhone is shown here.

Chapter and Verse File View