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Colton and Todd Burpo

Colton Burpo had been sick for less than one week. At first, parents Todd and Sonja, a small town Nebraska pastor and his wife, had chalked the three-year-old’s stomach ache and vomiting to the flu, but as mother, father, and sister sat in the Great Plains Regional Medical Center, the gravity of the situation was becoming all too clear. Things were not looking good. Todd remembers, “I remember the doctor just not saying anything . . . that was a nightmare.” After determining that Colton’s appendix had burst five days earlier, doctors rushed the child into emergency surgery.

After seventeen agonizing days of recovery, Colton returned home. Todd and Sonja were relieved to find Colton an energetic, rambunctious toddler again. The family relaxed and settled into the routine, as everything seemed to return to normal.

Four months later while travelling to visit family in South Dakota, a miracle happened. Colton spontaneously began to speak of his time in the hospital, but instead of drab hospital hallways and dreary waiting rooms, he described something very different, a place of dazzling colors, winged, ageless people, and even Jesus (a bearded man with beautiful eyes, brown hair, and wearing a gem encrusted diadem).

And soon it became apparent that Colton’s dream was more than mere fantasy. Christians assert Colton’s stories coincide with biblical truths beyond a child’s understanding. Colton recalls a brilliant entity of blue energy sending power to his worried father (the Holy Spirit), the angel Gabriel seated to the left of God’s throne, his grandfather’s childhood dog, meeting a miscarried sister, Jesus’ rainbow colored horse.

Heaven is for Real has sold millions of copies, spent 66 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and been featured on “The Today Show,” “Fox & Friends,” “The 700 Club” and CNN. Suprisingly, the book is not limited to Christian outlets but has also enjoyed equal success in major franchise book sellers. Its success has spawned a children’s version, ipad app, and audiobook narrated by professional voice, Dean Gallagher. And the book’s ghostwriter is no less esteemed. Lynn Vincent co-wrote Sarah Palin’s  famous memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, and 10 other titles. The audio version is now available for download at several online retailers. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, Heaven is for Real cannot be recognized as anything short of a miracle.